The Best Quinceanera Decorations: How to use Balloons to Enhance Your Party

When you are considering your quinceanera decorations, know this: balloons can be your new best friend! One of very best quinceanera decorations is balloons. Especially if you are working on a tight budget, balloons make a big impact for their cost and will truly add so much to your party. Here are some ways you can use balloons to decorate your quince reception:

    • Balloons as centerpieces: all you will need is balloons, ribbon and paperweights. Make them go as high or low as you like. Varying heights will usually look best. 3-4 balloons should be enough, but you could certainly use a couple more if you like.
    • Balloon arch: A balloon arch at the entryway, or above the head table, is relatively easy to achieve and looks very cool. The video below demonstrates how to make a balloon arch, which calls for about 80 balloons.

  • Lighted balloons: Create a fun atmosphere by adding LED lights to your balloons. This will light your balloons up and create a nice ambiance at your reception.
  • Make something cool: Like a hot air balloon! Here is an example of a gorgeous hot air balloon centerpiece.
  • Design a balloon wall: If you want an awesome background for VERY little money, you will want to check out this blog post I found on making a balloon wall. It requires balloons, masking tape, string, and time. ***I think this is probably the greatest thing I have found for quinceanera decorations so far–especially for budget quinceanera decorating!!
  • Balloon Column: Balloon columns can dress up an entrance way, line a dance floor or serve as a backdrop for photos. Click here for a Pinterest board I found for balloon column inspiration and ideas.
  • Huge balloons: If you want to amp up your quinceanera decorations and make a nice statement, you may want to have some HUGE balloons! These balloons can be used alone–or you could attach smaller balloons to them. These balloons cost about approximately $3 per balloon–but they are 3 foot balloons so you won’t require that many, depending on what you may be using them for.

3′ Balloons

Giant 3' Balloon Blue Pkg/2 Giant 3' Balloons Pink Pkg/2 Giant 3' Balloon Clear Pkg/2 Giant 3' Balloon Emerald Green Pkg/2


  • Balloons at the ceiling: A dance floor always looks more festive with balloons. Blow up many balloons in your color scheme and let them float to above your dance floor. Attach a curled ribbon to each balloon.

11″ Latex Balloons

11 11 11

A few helpful quinceanera balloons tips:

  • If you will be filling a ton of balloons yourself, you will need access to helium. You can either rent a helium tank from a party supply store, or buy disposable tanks from places such as Party City, Wal-Mart, BJs, etc.
  • Disposable helium balloon kits typically come with an assortment of colors. It’s better to buy your own balloons separately so that your balloons match your color scheme and theme.
  • Make sure to properly inflate your balloons: this will not only make them look better–but last longer, too.
  • Solicit help! Filling and arranging your balloons will go much faster with some helping hands, so make sure to get several people involved.

Balloons with Designs

Animal Print Assorted Neon Balloons Pkg/100 Assorted Polka Dot Balloons Pkg/100 Feliz Cumpleanos Party Latex Balloons Pkg/100 Glitter Princess 11

Clearly, balloons are one of the best quinceanera decorations. They do require some planning and work–but what doesn’t?! The impact for the price is what is important. Use balloons to supplement other decorations, or use them as your main quince decorations.  There is really no way to go wrong with balloons! How will you use balloons at your quinceanera? What is or was your most creative quinceanera decoration?

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