Super Unique Quinceanera Themes!

15 Unique Quinceanera Themes

Sometimes, you want to find a unique quinceanera theme, that is  different from any party you have ever seen or been to.  I put together this themes list for the quinceanera who is looking for new and unusual theme ideas. Are you having a hard time finding the perfect theme?  Check out our tips for finding the best quinceanera theme.

Unusual Quinceanera Themes Ideas

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Here is one theme that everyone will love you for choosing! Indulge in a chocolate overboard party setting, complete with a chocolate fountain (or two!), chocolate bar centerpieces that can double as favors and have a chocolate milk toast.  For invitations, send out “winning tickets” to your guests. This could possibly be one of the most fun quinceanera themes ever. Watch the movie with your friends and get inspired for even more special touches!

Harry One Direction Stand Up

Life-Size Harry for your One Direction Quince!

2. One Direction: Do you have a favorite band that you’re pretty much in love with? Such as One Direction, for example? You may consider making them a part of your big day. Use cutouts of the band members and play a ton of their music. Dress your court in outfits inspired by the band–for One Direction, you could dress your damas in British inspired dresses. This theme could be super fun for you if you seriously love a band.

3. Ballet: This is a pretty and girly theme. Tulle, ballet slippers, tutus and ribbons support this theme. There are many cute options for cakes, cupcakes and even cake pops for this theme.

Ballet quince theme

A Ballet-inspired dama look

4. Brazilian Carnival: Carnival is a six day party in Brazil. A Brazilian Carnival quince theme can be accomplished by incorporating feathers and masks, Carnival-inspired costumes, samba music and Brazilian food into your party.

A Brazilian quinceanera theme would be extravagant Photo Source:

A Brazilian quinceanera theme would be extravagant
Photo Source:

5. Lowrider: Is your family into lowriders? Are you looking for a kick back theme? A lowrider theme would be super fun. Arrive at your party in a lowrider and invite your guests to show off their cars, too. Have your reception outdoors. Serve carne asada.

6. Pirates: A Pirates quinceanera theme would certainly not be traditional–but maybe you aren’t traditional and you like Pirates! Ships as centerpieces, an off-the-shoulder dress, pirate flags, treasure chests, candles and nets would be awesome additions to your Pirates party.

7. Renaissance: Take your guests to medieval times with a quince court donning renaissance attire. Serve turkey legs, soup and breads. Treat your guests to larping (live action role playing!!).

8. Mexico: Go all out traditional Mexican theme, as if your quince was in Mexico (or maybe your quince really is in Mexico!). Use green, red and white as your colors. Serve traditional Mexican food like birria, or a  mole. Have a Mariachi band. Name your tables after Mexican cities Guadalajara, Monterrey, Districto Federal, Veracruz, Ixtapa, and Cancun.

9. Harry Potter: Were you ever obsessed with Harry Potter? A Harry Potter theme would be a theme focused on magic and the magical world of Harry Potter. Name each table after a part of Harry Potter, like Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, The Burrow, and more. Serve butterbeer.

10. Kentucky Derby: If you like horses and are looking for an out-of-the-box theme, consider creating a Kentucky Derby quinceanera theme. Invite all your guests to wear fabulous hats, have horse themed decorations and include stripes and other prints like chevron print into the decor. An outdoor tent would be amazing for this theme!

11. Southern Belle: Do you love everything Southern? Your quince can be your Southern Belle Debutante Ball. Pastel colors, hoop skirts, parasols and fried chicken are just the start for this quince theme.

Mexican Sign Cutouts Pkg/4

Mexico sign cutouts for a Mexico or Cancun theme

12. Cancun: A Cancun theme is a spinoff of a beach theme. Tailor this theme to Cancun by including Mayan Ruins into your theme. For example, a Mayan ruins cake would be fabulous!! Different parts of your party can represent different areas of Cancun, like the Hotel Zone, or the Puerto Morelos fishing village.

13. Miami: Turn up the heat and transform your quinceanera reception into a night in South Beach! Use colorful decorations, and name your tables after different beaches, hotels and streets. You definitely need a DJ. Invite your guests to wear all white to stand out from the colorful background.

Miami Skyline Backdrop 48

Miami skyline backdrop

14. Dancing with the Stars: Do you and your friends love dance? Create a Dancing with the Stars theme by making Mirror Ball Trophy centerpieces, decorate with dancer silhouettes and leave room for a judges table. Host a dance contest and invite your guests to wear dance-inspired attire.

15. Retro: Bring your guests to the 70’s with a retro themed party. Invite your guests to wear 1970’s styles. Outfit your quince court with 70s style outfits and hairstyles. Play some music from that era and please make sure there’s a disco ball!

Are you planning on using any of these unique quinceanera themes for your party? We are always looking for new and unique quinceanera themes ideas! If you would like to share your quince theme ideas, shoot us an email to

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48 thoughts on “Super Unique Quinceanera Themes!

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  2. hello my name is Selena and my quince. is in 17 & a half months and i still do not have a theme. My dress is dark purple and blue. Do you have any theme ideas that will go with my dress? thanks if you can help!

  3. Hi my name is Monse. My quince is in August and my dress is a turquoisey blue and I was wondering what themes could go with that color. I don’t want masquerade because that’s too common where I’m from. Any ideas?

  4. angelina on said:

    hey sarah!!! 🙂 mine is in April next year and i’m planing mine this year and well i have no ideas well i do but like its candyland ,under the sea, uk theme that’s it and well i need a them that will make everyone even my best friend that is a guy like my party can u help me i need some with this

  5. Hey, I’m Having My Quince In About A Year & My Colors Are Blue & Purple.. What Kind Of Theme Would Be Good For Those Colors?

  6. Christian on said:

    Hey!.. im having my Quinceanera in Jan 2015!.. i just dont know what my theme could be :/? My colors are Mint,Silver,pink,& Gold. Please help me? Give me an idea.

  7. itzia nevarez on said:

    Hi I’m itzia and I’m having my quince in Mexico. I’m turning 14 so I have one more year until I turn 15. The problem is I don’t really have an idea of what color dress I want or theme. I need help.

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi Itzia, that sounds awesome to have a quince in Mexico. I think a lot of girls pick their dress first. See what styles you like and once you have your dress, you can really start thinking about choosing a theme. A theme is really personal so you should consider what you like and what your interests are ( I have a couple tips on my main page 🙂 Sarah

  8. Lily Arce on said:

    Hey I’m Lily. I like that Brazilian Carnival idea but I don’t know what dress to wear or how to decorate. Can you help me?

  9. Hi,I’m April and I really want a unique theme that nobody has done before ,my colors are baby blue ,white and charcoal grey

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi April, those are really pretty colors. What are your interests? If you want a really creative theme, you should start with thinking about what you like or love. You can also take a traditional theme and make it your own simply by using your unique color scheme. Sarah

  10. Michelle Caceres on said:

    Hi, my quince is going to be about a year away from now and I’m having difficulty finding how to decorate for my theme. Like I want something unique. Like I want something like a rave theme but like you know how do I do that? Can you help me? It would mean so much.

  11. Hi Sarah! I was wondering if you could help me out? Well, my quince is on February 14th and my dress is Aqua but I can’t seem to find a theme! 🙁 Please help me out! Thank you so much!:)

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hello, sure! Are there ANY themes you may already be interested in? Some common ones for aqua would be Beach, Under the Sea and Masquerade for aqua. Are there any colors you are thinking of pairing your aqua with? If you paired it with white and silver, since you are in winter, you could do a Winter Wonderland theme. Aqua can also work with Paris, Miami Nights, and a Luau theme. Now, a luau would also be nice because depending on where you live, people may be really sick of winter by February 14! And a Hawaiian Luau would be refreshing..Sarah

      • Thank you.:)
        I’m so indecisive about it though. My damas are wearing like a pinkish dress. I was sort of thinking of a candyland theme or a music theme since im in band but I don’t want it to be music… I don’t know what would work out. if I do a Paris one, how would it be? Like what would I have on the tables?. Thanks, once again!:)

  12. Ledis martinez on said:

    Hola necesito información de algunas decoraciones que ustedes tiene mi hija el otro año cumple sus 15 y quiero ya hacer algunas compras.

  13. Hi Sarah! Well my quince is in like about 18 months and I don’t know what to do with the band theme. I really like one direction but don’t have a lot of ideas for that please help!!

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      I would say for a one direction theme, I would go with the colors red, white and blue for the UK flag, so kind of a London party mixed with 1D. Have a 1D cake/cupcakes, 1D themed nails, and have your dress in one of your colors. You could buy cardboard cutouts of the band (called standees) to place at the entrance of the party–or make a photo booth out of it!!. Plan a surprise dance for your favorite song of their’s. Have your damas and chambelanes outfits complement you–so if you have a red dress, put them in white and red. It’s all the little touches that come together to create your 1D theme! I do recommend combining it with a London/Britain theme so that you have more options for decorations~ Sarah

  14. Hi,i really liked the idea of southern belle or renaissance but im not sure what the dress should be like. I looked up some renaissance dresses but i dont think theyd look right. Any ideas for dresses??? And for damas and chambelaines too???? Please help!!!!

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi, I think you can definitely find a quinceanera dress for either theme. I wouldn’t advise looking for “renaissance dress”, but quinceanera dresses that have some of the qualities of renaissance style dresses. Deep, dark colored dresses, very big dresses with jewels and fancy decorative details.Maybe with a corset detail. Same idea for the Southern Belle dress: look for dresses with ruffles and again, very big, dramatic dresses. Gloves would help create the whole look. Heres one dress I saw for Southern Belle:

      For the damas and chambelanes, I would do the same thing, basically planning outfits that fit the theme but that are appropriate for the quince. The damas might wear long, simple dresses, with a braided hairstyle for a Renaissance look. I’ll create a Pinterest board for the Renaissance theme to give some more ideas 🙂 Sarah

  15. Nerissa on said:

    My daughter is turning 15 this summer, we are going on a cruise but would like some suggestions for a theme, her colors are quite strange, she likes beige and black??

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Are you having the quince on the cruise? Sounds very fun! With beige and black, a couple themes I think would go well with these colors: Old Hollywood, Masquerade Ball, maybe something to do with Pirates since you’ll be at sea?, or maybe an elegant Beach theme. You can incorporate gold to add some drama to the colors–I think it could work out nicely! Sarah

  16. Hey i have 10 months until my quince and my dress is light pink and I don’t have a theme yet any suggestions that would go with my dress ? (:

  17. jeimy on said:

    Hey! My quince is coming soon and need ideas on the dances since im having the 2015 movie cinderella dress.i need surprise outfits and chambelan suits ….. plus im freaking out

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi, are you doing a Cinderella theme? If you are, white Chambelan suits look gorgeous with the baby blue Cinderella color. For the dances, trying to replicate something out of the movie is a great idea. You will need to either 1. involve a choreographer to, at minimum, teach you and your chambelan de honor the routine; or 2. ask a friend/family member to lead you and your quince party in learning the dance.

      When we did my stepdaughter’s quince, thankfully, we had a family friend who was excellent in instructing the quince party on the waltz. It’s also really important everyone in your party meets up to practice, several times, in an open space. I hope this helps! Sarah

  18. Natalia Perez on said:

    my quine is in 15 months my dress will be mint green and my colors are mint green, coral pink and gold but i dont have a theme yet i dont know what kind of theme would go good with those colors … can you help me please??

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      How about an elegant beach theme, Enchanted Forest or Tea Party? Themes are really personal and depend on your interests, but these themes would look nice with your color scheme? Sarah

  19. Hi Sarah! My quince dress is gold and eggplant ( shade of purple .) I was thinking of a renessaince theme. Can you help me find like different games/activities, decorations and val ideas? Thank you so much! ☺

  20. Catalina on said:

    Hi, my name is Catalina and my quince is in December 12th, 2015. And I really am confused on what I want as a theme. I don’t even know what I want. My quince colors are pink and black.. any ideas please?

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Pink and black makes me think of Paris or Barbie themes. But these colors can be used for other themes as well. Are there any themes you like already? Sarah

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  22. Selena on said:

    Hi my name is Selena. My quince is in 5 months and I was thinking of having a galaxy theme but I don’t know what kind of dress to wear
    Please help

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      You could do a black and silver scheme, or maybe black, blue, purple and silver. Maybe a black/silver dress or all silver/sparkly to represent the stars. This is a really unique theme idea! Let me know if you go with a galaxy theme 🙂 Sarah

  23. Destinee on said:

    Hello my quincenera theme is superheroes. My mom agree on this theme but whats it classy and not boyish any suggestions?? i want both dc and marvel on my theme.

  24. My nieces 15 is on March 2017 and we want the colors peach and gold do you have any theme or any idea of decorations for her 15, please and thank you!

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      That is an awesome color combo 🙂 Some themes I think of for those colors: elegant beach theme, garden tea party, or maybe like a theme based around a city. Maybe like a desert city, like a far away place like Dubai, or a Sonoran Desert theme? I feel like those colors would be amazing with a desert or Arabian Nights style party I hope this helps 🙂 Sarah

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