Quinceanera Shoes: Changing of the Shoes Ceremony

Quinceanera traditions

The changing of the quinceanera shoes is a fun and symbolic quince tradition

Quinceanera shoes: quinceanera heels or flats?

Are you wondering what kind of shoes to wear to your quinceanera? One option is to start in flats and change to heels during a changing of the shoes ceremony.  Read on to learn more about this traditional quinceanera ceremony~

From flats to heels: the symbolic changing of the shoes ceremony

Quinceaneras tend to incorporate a lot of symbolism into various aspects of the day, from the mass to the reception.

One tradition calls for the quinceanera to wear flats during the ceremony.  She will continue to wear them to the reception and during the time leading up to the traditional quince waltz. Just before the waltz, a changing of the shoes ceremony will take place.

Here is how to perform this ceremony:

  1. Set up a chair in the center of the dance floor. To make it extra special, have the chair already decorated. Attach balloons, a plaque with the quinceanera’s name, tulle, bows, or anything you can think of to make the chair look pretty.
  2. The DJ will request that the quinceanera and her father come to the dance floor for the changing of the shoes ceremony. All attention will now be focused on the quinceanera and her dad. If your dad is not able to take part in this ceremony–don’t worry! Just ask someone special to you, such as your mother, brother, tio, tia, or grandparents.
  3. The quinceanera will then sit down, and her dad or other person of honor will change her shoes from her flats to heels. This symbolizes a change from girl to young woman.
  4. After the shoes have been changed, hug the person who changed them. You are now ready to dance your waltz in your heels!

An alternative to flats–decorate a pair of all-white converse or any brand of tennis shoe that you prefer. Remove the laces and substitute ribbons. Add rhinestones or other decorative elements, like sequins or crystals. For some quinceanera heels and flats inspiration, visit our Pinterest board here

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    • Hi, I think you could do a combination of flats and heels maybe? It is okay to be taller sometimes. If you wear flats during the ceremony and for the pictures, and do the changing of the shoes ceremony then you stay in the heels for awhile. Likely your heels will come off eventually anyway during the dance. So I basically say: don’t worry about it! 🙂 Sarah

    • I would say, definitely practice in your heels before your quince, even if it is around your house! Also, maybe don’t go for the tallest shoes you can find, choose a pretty pair that is not terrible to walk in 🙂 Sarah