The Best Quinceanera Themes List

Choosing your quinceanera theme is a big deal~

One of the most exciting parts of planning a quinceanera is finding the perfect quinceanera theme for your party. Quinceanera themes can be inspired by favorite colors or color schemes, things that you love, places, movies, and much more.

Selecting your quince theme should happen early on in the planning process. The theme you select will determine many factors regarding your party–such as invitations, decorations, cake–even the color and style of your dress!

Timeless Quinceanera Themes for 2014 and beyond

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1. Princess– One of the most popular quinceanera themes, details could include an over the top pink dress, a princess cake, princess invitations, glass slippers, princess scepter and horse and carriage centerpieces. Light blue is also a beautiful color to use for a princess theme. You could definitely model your party after Disney princesses, or real-life royalty.

quinceanera dresses

I know this dress makes an awesome quinceanera dress–because this was my stepdaughters quince dress! I found it through Bluegala for $370~ which is a steal for this amazing creation!

2. Mardi Gras/Masquerade– Another popular choice, this theme can be carried out with masks (for the quince court or for all guests), bead necklaces for guests to win, and vibrant dresses and suits for the court. You can even ask your guests to dress in a flamboyant style!

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3. Butterfly– A quince favorite, butterflies can be woven into every facet of the quinceanera theme. A live butterfly display on the head table would really top this theme off! Other areas to include butterflies can include everything from the dress to the accessories, to the decorations and the seating placecards.

Trumpet/Mermaid Strapless Drape/Flower Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress / elegant Evening Dress / Prom Dress

4. Under the Sea– Think fishbowls on the head table with colorful fish, sea-life inspired centerpieces, fish netting, and a mermaid dress for the quinceanera. Appropriately placed streamers can resemble seaweed, and there are endless possibilities to incorporate this theme into the cake and party favors.

5. Old Hollywood–A picture board with black and white photos of the young lady of honor, perhaps a rented photo booth–or a cheaper option–have someone take polaroids that could be instantly displayed, red lips for the quince and court, “Rat Pack” style chambelones, retro hair and a cake with a Hollywood sign topper! Create an instant paparazzi by hiring a couple kids to take random pictures after all the important dances are done.

6. Bollywood– Bright colors, maybe saris for the damas to wear, belly dancers would be a touch no one would forget soon! This is not one of the more common quinceanera themes– it may be for you if you are looking for something very colorful and not typical!

7. Shine Bright Like a Diamond–Shine like a celebrity for the day with this sparkly quince theme! Carry it out with a dress adorned with crystals, cubic zirconia accessories, diamond themed cake, and flashy centerpieces. Take it to the next level with a diamond ice sculpture.

8. Candyland–A fun a colorful theme, set up a “candy bar” with a variety of candy options, make over-sized lollipop centerpieces or a candy bouquet that can double as party favors. The quince dress could be bubble gum pink, with the dama dresses varieties of Starburst colors.

9. Stars–Accessorize with pretty star jewelry, make glitter star centerpieces and use star balloons. Hang stars from the ceiling to dance under the stars and make a Hollywood star walk of fame for the quince court!, under the sea quinceanera theme

Goldfish add an unexpected touch to an under the sea theme

10. Animal Print –This theme is usually pulled off with a combination of zebra and pink, or say, cheetah and red. The colors and print can be incorporated throughout the entire event.

11. Carnival–This is one of my favorite for this quinceanera themes list. For this fun theme, think merry-go-round horse centerpieces topped with balloons, a candy and caramel apple cake, and invitations in the form of “tickets” to the Quince carnival.

12. Ombre– This quinceanera theme takes a popular trend and applies it to different facets of the party to create a unified look. Dresses, the cake, centerpieces and even balloons can be used to achieve this theme. You can select a single color (for example pink), two colors (say pink and silver)or even a color group (such as pastels–think yellow, pink and purple).

13. Fairy Garden– This is a beautiful theme that would be lovely for an outdoor party. Think pastel colors, ivy, floral centerpieces, romantic drapery, and bird accents all around.

Blue Floating Water Lotus Light – $7.50


14. Paris –  Get the feel of the city with Eiffel Tower centerpieces. Go elegant with the court attire and quince dress, and go with French food for the menu (or create a table with French dessert treats!) Main colors can be black, white, silver and pink. Stores like Hobby Lobby have everything from Paris themed fabric to mini-Eiffel Towers and more!

15. Winter Wonderland–Use the colors white, silver and blue to evoke winter. Use lighted snowflakes, fake snow and Manzanita branch centerpieces to get the winter mood. Add a hot cocoa bar or a white chocolate fountain for extra fun.

Which themes do you like? Do you know what theme will you be using for your 15 party? Looking for more ideas? Click here for more quinceanera themes~

My Perfect Quince


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    • Hi Zabrina,

      It can be very hard to find the right theme for your party! Here are a couple ideas that go with a red theme: red & black; red & silver; red flowers; red & leopard print (or zebra). Some themes that go nice with a red dress: Hollywood, Paris, and Carnival. What are some of your favorite things? Also, what month is your quince?


  1. hi I’m Alma and my dress is a shiny navy blue. I have no idea which theme would go with my color. Please I need !!

    • I think shiny navy would be lovely with a Paris theme. You could also do different shades of blue, and have an all-blue party. Or maybe it could be princess theme as well, I think that would be a unique color that would be pretty for a different princess theme :)

  2. Hi im Mitzy , I can’t find a theme for my quinceñera my dress is going to be hot pink & its going to be in june or july 2014, any suggestions?

    • Hi Mitzy,

      The good thing is that a pink dress fits in so well with so many themes! Some themes that go well with pink: Paris, Barbie, Pink & leopard print(or zebra), princess, butterfly, candyland, Hollywood (use pink, black and white)…Sometimes, people don’t choose a theme but a color scheme. You could do all pink, pink and black, pink and gold, or pink and whatever color you like! I think pink decorations mixed with glittery white or diamond-like decorations would be really pretty! I have some more tips on the main page, if you scroll down you will find them under the title “There are many quince themes to choose from…Here are some tips for finding your perfect quince theme”

      Let me know what you come up with!!

  3. Hi. I’m going to have my quince Sept 2014 and I was planning of having a red with some black color of a dress. Should my theme be little red riding hood since I can’t seem to find any other themes?

  4. hiya!! im having my 15 2014 in middle of june 2014 my dress is purple and gonna have gold i dont really know what theme but i dont want mardi gra something really different and unique

    • Hello! Here are a couple ideas that would go nice with purple and gold dress:

      1. Arabian Nights: ( <—this board is a great example of this theme!)
      2. Royal Quinceanera: Purple is the color of royalty, so a royal theme with castles, crowns, knights would go nice with your dress.
      3. All Gold Party: Make all of your decorations gold so that you stand out even more with your purple/gold dress!
      4. Purple & Gold Butterfly: I think a different take on the butterfly theme would be to make it purple and gold.

      I hope this helps! If there is a theme you like you can usually match it to your colors. Let me know what you choose!


  5. Hi my name is ilda and my dress I’d going to be purple with zebra and and my quinceanera is going to be in August 6 of 2014. And I need help with a theme

    • Hi Ilda,

      Sometimes parties can have a color scheme instead of a theme. So basically, your colors are your theme. That is one option. However, you can also work your colors into a theme. Going with the zebra print and purple idea, you could do a “Purple Safari” theme. I am going to make an upcoming post for your colors and hopefully that will give you some good ideas for your quince! :)


  6. Heyy ,, well im going to have my quinceanera on August 30, 2014 and i wanted to know what themecan go with the color Red . At first ive chosen red roses but i want something different / unique . Please help !

    • I LOVE a red quinceanera! One idea I really like for a red quince is a Spanish flamenco theme. Here is my Pinterest board for this: I think red, with some black and white details works well for a flamenco theme, with flowers, candles, and pretty accents like lace.

      If you want to use a different flower than roses, you might like red tulips or red peonies.

      Other themes that would be nice for a red dress: Old Hollywood, Paris, black and white theme (your dress would be gorgeous & stand out against a black & white theme!), Pirates, and a Carnival theme.

      Let us know what you choose! Good luck!


  7. Hi my name is Karina and im having my quince in June 2014 My dress is purple with sliver. What would be a classy theme?

    • Hi Karina,

      Purple and silver is good because it can go with a lot of themes :) The best theme for you really depends on what your interests are. Sometimes, your colors are your theme. Here are a couple themes I think go nice with purple and silver: Paris, Butterfly, Masquerade, Peacock and Royal Princess Quinceanera. Purple is the color of royalty, so a royal princess quince would be a natural fit for your party, and definitely a classy theme. Good luck & let us know what you choose :)


  8. Hi, I am really confused on what my theme should be. My dress is going to be yellow and my dama dresses are going to be white. At first before I found my dress I was going to have an all out Mexican Quincenera. Then once I found my dress I wanted a Candyland Theme. Now I’m not sure HELP PLEASE!!

    • Hi Jacky,

      First of all, I love your colors so far! Yellow and white are very beautiful and fresh for a quince :) Keep in mind there is no right or wrong theme for your party! Also, your colors can literally be your theme: see my post here for a yellow quinceanera:

      Here are some themes that would go nicely with your colors: Tea Party, Candyland, Butterfly, Hawaiian Luau, Yellow Quince, and Carnival. It all depends on what you like…At the bottom of the main page for this website, there are more tips for choosing a theme:

      Let me know what you choose :) I’m sure you will pick an awesome theme!


  9. Hi! My quince dress is Aqua with White or Silver, but I can’t decide what theme I want to get…!!!!!

    • Hi Alondra,

      It depends what you like :) and also what month your quince is. If it is in the winter, an aqua dress with white or silver would be really nice with a winter wonderland theme!


  10. Hi ! My quince dress is ombré! It goes from light blue to a dark blue then a darker blue! But I don’t know what theme would go good with that. And my quince is in May

  11. Hi! I’m gloria I’m going to have my 15 this June 27 and I can’t think of a theme for me! And my dress is blue and white with crystals on it ! Please help!

  12. hi i cant seem to find a theme my party will be on july 2014 my dress will be torqouise any suggestions?

    • Hi! I think turquoise goes really well with many themes, especially a beach theme (colors: turquoise, cream and white) or under the sea theme. Turquoise can also look great with a print, such as zebra. What themes are you thinking of?


    • Hi Andrea,

      Have you thought about having an all white quinceanera? You can even ask your guests to wear white. This would be really nice with a summer quince. Have you looked through the themes list on my main page, Do any of the themes sound like something you might like?

      Another idea I like for a white dress: a white & gold quinceanera. But I am in love with that combination :)

      What month is your quince?


  13. Hi my name is Aryanna
    My birthdays October 30th 2014, and I’ve decided to do a Bollywood theme. You have any more decoration tips for me or entertainment? OH and I have no idea what color to dress my court or myself…help

  14. Hi im using the color Coral and i need a nice color to match with it i aswell need a theme . anwser ASAP…………..

    • Hi Judith! Coral! Lovely choice, I think coral goes amazing with GOLD. Check out our themes list There are many themes on this list that can be accomplished using coral and gold. You can do a coral and gold princess theme, butterfly theme, Paris, and so on.

      Another idea: If you pair coral with turquoise– that is perfect for an under the sea theme.

      Good luck and let us know what you choose!


  15. Hi im Ana and im going to have my quince on June 2014. I want a Paris w/ stars theme but i dont know what things to involve in it or how my dress should be. Could you help me?

    • Hi Ana,

      I think Paris with stars will be lovely. What colors do you want to use? A Paris theme can be many different color combinations: blue and silver; pink and black; pink and silver; purple, black and silver and so on.

      One idea I have for a Paris with Stars theme: a stars backdrop behind the head table:

      You could DIY this and make pretty, glittery stars and attach to clear fishing line.

      For Paris theme inspiration check out my Paris board: I have some things on there like parasols and damask print balloons that are really pretty for a Paris theme.

      Oh, and for the dress, were you thinking typical style quince dress or a different shape?


        • I just googled “stars quinceanera dress” and found a couple! What colors did you like for your theme? Not that you dress has to have stars, you could get star accessories instead!

  16. Hi my name is Princess Velazquez
    My sweet 15th birthday is on September 13, 2014, and I’ve decided to do a Miami Night theme. Do you have any decoration tips or entertainment and what kind of souvenirs I can give? I have no idea what color to dress my court or myself.

    • Hi Princess, I like the idea of a Miami theme because, well, I love Miami! When I think of Miami, I think of pretty color combinations like coral, mint and gold; purple, pink and blue; or orange, pink and red. Here is my Pinterest board for this theme:

      I think that lighting is very, very important to help create a Miami theme. If you could light up the wall behind the head table with your colors that will help create a Miami at night vibe. Light up more areas or even the whole room if your budget permits. Check with your location to see if they offer any lighting. Besides lighting, for decorations, I would think tropical flowers, palm trees, and flamingos.

      Miami has an amazing Cuban influence, so you may consider having Cuban inspired entertainment such as a Mambo or Conga band. If you have a DJ make sure he/she knows the music and vibe you are looking for.

      I think your chambelanes would look nice in white suits. For you and your damas, go with the color combination you pick: for example, a green dress for you, coral dresses for your damas and everyone has gold accessories.

      For favors, how about Cuban pastries, cookies, or empanadas wrapped in plastic for your guests?

      What do you think?


  17. hi! I’m Josaphine :) my quinceanera is july ??, 2014 im sharing my 15th with my cousin – her theme is a masked ball and i do not now a theme that will go with her’s my dress is going to have lots of light colors please help

    • Hi Josaphine! I had to think about this one for a minute and here is what I came up with: I think that if you and your cousin are going to share a quince, that you will both need to agree on one theme. I think it will be very difficult to pull off a quince with two themes. Having two separate themes at one party will be hard for a few reasons: it may look disorganized/mis-matched, and one theme may overpower the other.

      If you aren’t so sure about masked ball, how about you both get together and brainstorm themes and see what both you and she like. It is a very special day for both of you and I think it is really important for you each to have a quince that you love!

      If you like the idea of a masked ball, and you like a princess theme, you could make it something like “Cinderella’s Masked Ball” or “”Fairy Tale Masked Ball” and each come as a different princess.

      Let me know what you come up with!!!!


        • No, I think it can be done. Carnivals are fun and quirky so a mask would fit in well. Or you could make it a “carnaval” masked ball, such as the Brazilian Carnaval, which focuses a lot on costumes! Sarah

    • Hello! Wow that sounds super pretty :) How about Purple Princess for a theme? Or what if you you had all silver/diamond type decorations and then your dress will stand out against all the sparkly decorations? Purple is such a pretty color that you can make a theme out of it. Other themes that go with purple: butterfly, Paris, Tea Party, and Purple with Zebra. Are there any themes that you already like? Sarah

    • Hi! Pink goes with a lot of themes, like Butterfly, Princess, Barbie, Stars, Paris, Pink & Leopard, Candyland, Ballet and more. It really depends what you like :) I also really like pink with silver/sparkly things. Did you have any themes that you were considering? Sarah

  18. Hi I’m Juliana , and my quinceanera is in august of 2014. My dress is white and my colors are pink, black, and silver, but I can’t decide on a theme . Please help !

    • Hi Juliana, have you thought about a Paris theme or a Barbie theme? Those both would be perfect for your colors! Do you have any themes you are already considering? Sarah :)

  19. hey my 15 is on july but i really like this royal dress what theme could go with the royal blue dress since its on july i dont think the winter wonderland would go. i was thinking stars or cindercella but if i could get more ideas please and thank you .

    • Hi Nancy, a dark blue would be a unique spin on the Princess/Cinderella theme, so definitely that’s a good option. Other themes that go with dark blue: Masquerade, Paris and Old Hollywood. Dark blue looks really pretty with silver and that would be a pretty combination for a Paris theme. Dark blue would also be perfect with a London/British theme! Also some themes it doesn’t matter the color of your dress. For example, Stars or Fashion Show theme can go with any color combination. Sarah

  20. Hi I’m Leslie and I don’t now what theme to do my dress is going to be a dark but not that dark red plz answer quick

    • Hi Leslie, some themes that I like with red: Flamenco, Red Roses, Old Hollywood, Paris, London, Hearts, Carnival, Las Vegas and Animal Print (like red with leopard print or zebra). Did you already have any other themes in mind that you are thinking about? Sarah

  21. Hi. :D I LOVE the idea of Old Hollywood. I’m an “old, classic” kind of girl I guess, haha. But I love the idea of Paris as well! My dress is going to be pink like light pink sort of. It’ll be in December 2014 or January 2015. I want to mash these two themes to make an AMAZING day for me and my guests. But I don’t want it to be costly or go over board. But I can use some help!

    PS: Is Bollywood a bad idea?

    • Hi! How about “Old Paris” haha. So like some Paris things, Eiffel Tower decorations or some of the less expensive Paris decorating ideas from my Paris post. Now to make it “Hollywood”, here’s a pretty inexpensive and fun idea: hang ‘vintage’ pics of yourself around your event–either at the entrance, behind the head table or all around. This would involve getting some pics taken of yourself dressed in an Old Hollywood type of way, along with hair and makeup–it would be really fun actually if you get your friends/family to help you! Then you can edit the pics to black & white, and enlarge. Find picture frames as cheap as you can at thrift stores and spray paint gold or silver so they match.

      Here is a great look for your chambelanes:

      The other idea I had for you since you also liked the Bollywood theme: an “Around the World” theme. So, basically every table has its own theme. Hollywood, Paris, India and wherever else you really like. The only thing is it may be a lot of work!!

      I hope this helps! Sarah

  22. Hello the color is going to be Mint Green either in October Or November winter in wonderland is not something we want because of the snowflakes. Can you help with a theme?

    • Hello! I love mint green for a quince. You can pair it with gold a pink, that is a really pretty color combination. Your color combo can be you theme. Or you can take a theme, say Princess, and switch it up by using mint as your main color :) A lot of themes can be changed to match your colors. For example, how pretty would a mint theme go with a Paris theme, with mint, black and silver. Are there any themes you are interested in already? Sarah

  23. hi im briana & my quince would be in the middle of august 2014 and i was kind of wanting a forest theme? any help on what exact colors i could use? and the dress color?

  24. We’ll my dress is going to be turquoise but I don’t what the theme should be ….it’s in November 22, 2014

    • Hi, are there any themes you already like? Turquoise can go with a lot of themes, like Under the Sea, Arabian Nights, Peacock, Miami theme, Butterfly, Candy, Carnival theme and more :) Sarah

  25. Hi I’m Vanessa, My Quince Is In October. My Colors Are Caribbean Blue, Purple &&’ Silver, But I Don’t Know What Kind Of Theme I Should Do. Any Help?

  26. My daughter will have her 15 in 2015 but she doesnt want a dress so I am not how to go about that please help!! She is into games dark colors

    • Hi! I think that if your daughter wants a quince but doesn’t want a dress, that’s fine! Yes, it is not traditional. But, the day is about her and the important thing is giving your baby girl an amazing day that is all about her and who she is as a young lady. A couple thoughts:
      1. Maybe she is just not into quince dresses–maybe non traditional dresses or top/skirt combinations might be ok with her?
      2. Has she had any ideas on what she would like to wear? Keep in mind she can start in something formal and change for her reception.
      A couple alternatives:
      *Suit–with skirt or pants–here’s a cute one: Something like this but in a dark color
      *Jumper–you could top this one with a jacket:
      *A dress but not a quince dress–maybe something simple, or shorter, or just way less formal.

      I hope this helps let me know what your daughter thinks! Sarah

  27. Hi I’m Haley. My 15 will be on December 2015. I need help on what unique themes could go with the colors teal,aqua,turquiose, celadon (light greenish), and sparkles. Thanks

    • Hi! One idea for those colors and the sparkles: Mermaid/Under the Sea. Or possibly a Hawaii type theme, your colors are very ocean-like! Sarah

  28. Hi I’m Sydney my quince will be in October of 2015 and I don’t know what theme will fit October the best. My favorite colors are lime green and blue, I don’t like Madrigal.

  29. hi, i’m jocelin . my 15 is going to be in october 2014 & i got my dress already its going to be mint green but i dont know what theme would go with my dress plz help !!

  30. Hi I am melanie and my quince is going to be in September 2014 my dress is going to be a pink peach and I would love to be on broadway so I was thinking of the old Hollywood theme but idk if my dress color would be appropriate do you have any other suggestions for me ?!?

    • I definitely think you can do an Old Hollywood theme with a peachy pink dress–I would just glamorize it with gold! I also left a few more color ideas on the Old Hollywood Quinceanera Theme post–I hope this helps! Sarah

  31. Hi I’m having a leopard type of theme quince with mask. But I am confused as to what the theme really is. Because it’s not really a masquerade theme. I just like the leopard and the mask incorporated in it. So my question is, is there really a theme for my choice. Everybody keeps asking but all I say is leopard with mask.

    • Hi! You can definitely do a leopard party and incorporate masks. You could call it a “Leopard Masked Ball”. A couple questions: Do you want everybody to wear a mask, or just you and the quince court? Are you doing leopard print with a color? Have you thought about doing kind of a jungle theme ( I think that would go well with the leopard print and the mask idea). Ok, let me know your answers and I may have a few more ideas! :) Sarah

      • Hi. I love the theme name you came up with. I am incorporating pink with the leopard print. My court and I are wearing masks and the guests will wear masks too. I wanted my theme to be different then the norm. I thought about The jungle theme but the venue where I’m having my party already had a jungle theme quince so I wanted something different. Thank you so much for your response.

  32. My dress is black and kinda dark red but im having trouble on what type of themes will go good with it.


  33. Hey! I’m having a little dilemma with choosing a theme. The location my mother got is like a small ranch/cabin kind of location but yet I don’t want to have a farm girl or western theme. I really want a fun theme and I still want to incorporate the location with a theme but nothing is coming to mind. I still don’t know what I’m wearing but maybe you can help me out. Thanks:)

  34. Hi so I’m stuck on what theme to have I’m going to have a powder blue dress but I told my friends the Cinderella theme and they said its to basic. I’m starting to second guess myself. But I also think I want to do a masquerade theme but I don’t know anymore.

  35. Hello (: well my 15 is going to be in September 2014. I have my dress, which is ivory and coral, but I’m having trouble on choosing a theme :/ any help?

    P.S. Does the damita have to wear the exact same dress as the quinceañera?