pink and leopard print quinceanera

Pink and Leopard Print Quinceanera Colors

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A Pink and Leopard Print Quinceanera

One of the most fun and super cute color combinations ever: pink and leopard print! Light pink, hot pink, or medium pink–they all look good against a pretty leopard design. You can use this striking color combination as a theme for your party–and weave the color and print throughout your event. 

Here are some tips for designing a pink and leopard print quinceanera:

Invitations: Search for invitations in your colors in pink and leopard. You could also try to find a leopard invitation with a pink envelope. If you are including an invite pic, find a creative way to include your colors. You could wear a pink outfit, with a leopard print background. Or it could be more simple, with a pink leopard print border. 

The Dress: A leopard dress would be unique and absolutely stunning. If you go with a leopard print dress, consider pairing it with a pink sash. Or you could pair it with pink shoes and accessories. You could also do the reverse–choose a pink gown, and make all of your accessories leopard print. You could even opt for a pink leopard print gown. 

Makeup, Hair, & Nails: A wild, voluminous look for your hair would go well with this color scheme. Or, you could go with a more simple look, like a high ponytail, that would really stand out against your theme colors. There are MANY cute ideas for nails for this theme, check out our Pink & Leopard Print Quinceanera Colors board. For your makeup, pick one facial feature to highlight– and keep the rest of your look simple.

pink and leopard print quinceanera
Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93027 strapless pink leopard print dress: Amazing!

Quince Court: My recommendation for your quince court, is to make it the opposite of your dress. So if you choose a leopard dress, put your damas in pink. Find a way to include your theme with your chambelanes. This is usually accomplished with the color of their shirt/tie/bow tie.

Decorations: You can do a lot with this theme! I think that you could even mix your pink and leopard print with a little bit of a jungle theme. To do this, use green plants as centerpieces. Add a play leopard or two, or other wildlife, to your tables and your centerpieces are complete.

Another way to support this theme is to use a mix of pink and leopard print balloons, a leopard floor runner would be awesome, or a leopard runner on your head table.

One thing you want to really be careful with is making sure that your leopard prints match up nicely. There are a lot of different leopard prints, and it may clash if you don’t keep them in line! 

The Cake: The cake is always one area that can be completely customized to match your color scheme. If you do cupcakes, there are many options for cupcake wrappers that come in pink or leopard print, or a combination of both. Cake pops also fit in well with the pink and leopard print quinceanera color scheme. Pink leopard print cake pops would be sooo cute!!

pink and leopard print quinceanera
Pink and leopard print cake pops!
Source: Unknown


 Special Touches: Create a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of. Here is a fabric backdrop tutorial, that you could use to make a backdrop with a mix of pink and leopard print fabrics.





What ideas do you have for a pink and leopard print quinceanera?  This combination is a pretty color scheme that isn’t too hard to accomplish, and makes a big impact for your part!y 🙂

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