Under the Sea Quinceanera Theme

under the sea party

Dolphin entranceway is the perfect way to enter an under the sea themed quinceanera
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Under the Sea Themed Quinceanera

Do you love fish, the ocean, coral and sealife? Was The Little Mermaid one of your favorite Disney movies as a young girl? Consider having an under the sea theme for your quinceanera. The under the sea quinceanera theme is an enjoyable party theme, with many ways to make your quinceanera memorable for you, your family, and your guests!

Planning an Under the Sea Theme

The Venue: The dream venue for this quince theme would be an aquarium. However, this may be location or cost prohibitive, so don’t worry–this theme would work well at practically any indoor or outdoor venue.

Color Scheme: I have seen a few different takes on this theme and the main colors. One is turquoise  navy and orange (example: Finding Nemo colors). Another take on the color scheme is turquoise, purple and green. Another option is aqua blue, white and silver.

quinceanera hair

Mermaid hair= Long, soft curls & double braid

Invitations: Invite your guests to “Party Under the Sea” with fish, water, ocean or dolphin themed invites.

Under the Sea invite

The Dress: A mermaid style gown would be very appropriate for this theme, in a color that compliments the color scheme. If you opt for a more traditional ball gown, look for gowns with iridescent sequins or beading details.

mermaid quinceanera dress

Beautiful mermaid dress with all-over beading
Source: RissyRoos.com



Quince Court: Dress your damas to match the main colors of your theme. If you opt for a traditional ball gown style quince dress, consider selecting a mermaid style gown for your damas. For your chambelanes, a sea-life inspired boutonniere would be a good option to incorporate them into the sea theme. If you want to get really into the theme, your damas can be mermaids and your chambelanes can be fisherman-inspired, for the reception part of your quince.

Decorations: The decorations are what is really going to pull this quince theme together. If you are up for some DIY, there are many attractive decorations ideas for this theme that can be handmade (see my Pinterest board for this theme for motivation!) One element to consider is live fish in fishbowls, as centerpieces for your tables or just for the head table. This is a super cool element to add, but you have to be prepared for caring for the fish, and for the chance that they could die during the reception! No matter what you chose to use as centerpieces, aqua blue tablecloths will help set the tone for a water look. Green and blue balloons, or balloons to match your color scheme, and  blue lights will go far to  further your theme.

Giant 3′ Balloon Blue Pkg/2

Giant 3′ Balloon Clear Pkg/2

Set The Stage Under The Sea Kit Ultimate Kit Dolphin 37

Entertainment: Whether you choose a DJ or band, either will be a good choice for this theme. Consider decorating their table with streamers to match the party.

Food: For an under the sea theme, you must serve at least one seafood item! Shrimp skewers, lobster bisque, oysters, sushi, crab salad, calamari, baked salmon, shrimp scampi–there are lots of ways to incorporate seafood into your soups, appetizers or main dishes.  But don’t go overboard–many people either don’t like seafood, or are allergic to it. Make sure that there is a mix of seafood and non-seafood options. Serve a spinach dip and name it “seaweed dip”.

Cake Ideas: A cake for this theme could be flamboyant and colorful, or ombre sea colors. It could have “scales” on it, or feature a dolphin jumping out of the top. If you go with cake pops, you can get them in sea creature forms, and you can also dress up cupcakes to look like fish, using colored M&Ms.

Party Favors: Who doesn’t love goldfish crackers? This is a super cost effective and clever party favor that everyone will think is yummy (Costco, $9.24 for a 24 pack of 1.5 oz. Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers). Attach a small note to the bag thanking your guest for partying under the sea with you.

Special Touches: Hang a sea life background, and place sea props such as a fishing net and scuba gear for guests to pose with for photos.

This is one of the quinceanera themes that has many advantages: you can DIY ALOT of the decorations, there are a massive amount of products related to this theme that you can buy, and it is an all around super fun quince theme. How are you planning to customize your under the sea theme?

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42 thoughts on “Under the Sea Quinceanera Theme

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi Deba, you can definitely make pink your main color and try to find decorations that are hot pink and mix it up with some colorful fish decorations. For example have a hot pink cake (or cupcakes, etc.) with colorful fish accessories. You could also do hot pink for your dress, and have your damas wear aqua blue. Also, if you have a hard time finding hot pink fish decorations, think about what decorations you can make for an under the sea party, and make them in pink. One idea: for a table decoration, fill a vase with water, add hot pink food coloring, a flower and a floating candle (like this but pink: http://pinterest.com/pin/17873729743481179/)
      Good luck with your theme! I think you can customize any theme and substitute the colors you like 🙂

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      I think it might take some creativity to combine these two themes. I think a compromise on these themes would be “Beach Party in France”. That way you could use some under the sea decorations like fish and beach umbrellas, along with some French theme decorations and treats–maybe Eiffel Tower cookies and pretty feather-like centerpieces. It actually sounds like a fun theme!


  1. odette on said:

    Hi 🙂 Me and my stepsister are having our quince together but we want like a western rancho theme (: any tips or ideas? (: do you think you can do an article like this one? c:

  2. Josie Ortega on said:

    Hi , im planning to do a under the sea theme. But I wanted my dress to be a coral red or white to stand out from my court. Im not sure what kind of dress, I really like the ball gowns. And im also having trouble with my damma dresses. Help please (:

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi! You can definitely have a coral red or white dress with this theme. And a ball gown goes with any quince 🙂 Here is what I found when I googled “Disney Ariel Quinceanera Dress”: http://www.abcfashion.net/disney-royal-ball-quinceanera-dresses-ariel-41011.html

      Something like that is white or coral would be STUNNING!! After you find your dress and know what color your dress will be, then you can figure out dresses for your damas. If your dress is white, maybe your damas could be in coral or maybe a turqouise. If your dress is coral, your damas could wear white. Once you know what color you want the dama dresses to be, you can start looking for different dress styles 🙂 Sarah

  3. Stephanie p on said:

    Hello I am in love with this Under The Sea Theme since I was 7 years old and well now iv got a few months to get things ready I was wondering what could be the perfect outfits for my chambelanes because I told them that if fishermans were good and they looked at me with less expression then a dead fish…so can i have your oppion Sailors or Marines?
    I’d appreciate it 🙂

  4. Hello,
    my daugther is having a sweet 16 and her theme is under the sea. I love the live fish idea but what else can go nicely on the table with it ? i thought just a bowl with fish would look boring have any ideas

  5. Liliann Gutierrez on said:

    Hi well i wanted a coral color but i also wanted a mint color. and i dont know which one too pick. before i didnt have a theme but now that i saw all the under the sea i really liked all this

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi! I’m really glad you liked this theme 🙂 I think that you can use these colors together for your under the sea theme! Often coral and turqouise is used, but I think you can substitute mint for the turqouise, or use all three, I hope this helps! Sarah

  6. daniela on said:

    hello, unfortunately im not gonna have a 15 but im having my 16 next summer & i was trying to go with a forest themed party. I was wondering if you had any ideas for this. 🙂

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi!, I have this Pinterest board for this theme: http://www.pinterest.com/myperfectquince/magical-forest-quinceanera-theme/

      I really like this theme, it is all about keeping your decorations earthy (like with greens and flowers, or a natural outdoor setting). I think another important part of this theme is to have lots of lights: like stringed lights on trees, possibly candles or tea lights, these touches make your party very pretty! I will do a post on this theme soon! Sarah

  7. Fatima on said:

    Hi I wanted a under the sea themed quince but I also want country themed quince . But I have no clue what to decide. Any ideas?

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      I would say ask yourself, what about each theme makes you want to go with that theme? Like, so you want Under the Sea decorations but square dancing? You can also try looking for decorations for both themes–and see if you get more excited about one of them–or if you find better decorations, ideas, etc. They are both very fun themes so I see why you are struggling between them! I have a Pinterest board for each of these, maybe browse through them and see if that helps! Sarah

  8. Christian on said:

    Hey Sarah , im having my Quince in March my theme is going to be under the sea &’ my colors are gonna be Mint &’ dark Purple, i just need help on what my Chambelanes &’ Damas could wear any suggestions please ?
    Thanks Christian ☺

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi, have you checked YouTube? I just searched for “Under the Sea theme surprise dance” and found a few ideas–let me know what you think! The Under the Sea song from the Little Mermaid is an obvious one, but you could mix it up and start with that song and mix it into your favorite song? Sarah

  9. Hi, i really love under the sea but idk what color to use I don’t want blue because every quinces I have been to have ether pink,blue I want something different can u help me pic a pretty color plz

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      What if you made it an elegant under the sea, with mint green, white and gold? If you cant find the decorations in the right colors, you can always spray paint decorations the right colors! Or maybe a white and gold Under the Sea theme? That would be soooo pretty. Maybe add a touch of orange. What do you think?? Sarah

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Absolutely!! You can use blue/purple/green; blue/purple/silver; blue/purple. Those are a few combos that use purple that would be lovely for an Under the Sea Quince~ Sarah

  10. Twin on said:

    Me and my sister are having our quinceanera in December but i don’t know if the beach theme is right during that time of year? Any tips? Suggestions?

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi, it might actually be a fun theme to do during the colder months! Likely, your guests will really appreciate a “night at the beach” during that time of year. I say if you want a beach theme, then don’t let the month of your quince stop you ladies! Sarah

  11. Julianne on said:

    Hi I’m having an under the sea Quinceanera but we need ideas for the theme are for where I’m sitting….we’re looking for a more elegant look not so childish..please help thanks!

  12. Gloria Aguilar on said:

    I already order my daughter’s dress on color purple that she likes, but now she likes the under the sea theme. What should I do? Do you think that she can use this dress or exchange
    for another color for the under sea theme?

    • Angela Ibanez on said:

      Well you can still use the purple dress just purple pebbles on center pieces. You can put a fish tank with purple fish or just use a special coloring for the water to make the water purple.

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