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Welcome to My Perfect Quince!  My Perfect Quince is designed to be a resource for young ladies and their families, who are preparing for a quinceanera. I hope you find the information on this website helpful for your quince planning!

I strive to design and provide the best quinceanera theme plans that are original, well-thought out and of course, creative. You will find lots of realistic and DIY ideas, as well as special touches that will make your day both memorable and amazing ~


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 You can also check out My Perfect Quince on Pinterest for more ideas on decorations, hair, dresses, quinceanera themes, and more.  I love using Pinterest as a complement this website.  It really helps you visualize the quince of your dreams, and I definitely think creating your own quinceanera board will help you collect the best ideas for your ceremony and party!

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60 Quinceanera Themes Ideas

Princess Quinceanera ThemeNew Orleans Mardi Gras / Masquerade Quinceanera ThemeButterfly Quinceanera Theme
Under the Sea Quinceanera ThemeOld Hollywood Quinceanera ThemeQuinceanera Themes Trend: Candyland Theme Quinceanera
A Yellow QuinceaneraLavish Barbie Quinceanera ThemeWestern Quinceanera Theme | Quince Themes
Pink and Leopard Print Quinceanera ColorsBallet Quinceanera ThemeCarnival Quinceanera Theme
Paris Quinceanera ThemeHawaiian Luau Quinceanera ThemeMiami Nights Quinceanera Theme
A Mint, Pink and Gold QuinceaneraCreate an Arabian Nights ThemeGarden Tea Party
Halloween BallShine Bright Like a DiamondRed Roses
BollywoodA Tiffany Blue QuinceaneraWinter Wonderland
Lime Green QuinceTraditional MexicoAll Around the World
Spanish FlamencoWizard of OzBrazilian Carnival
Fairy GardenHot Pink & ZebraIvory, Pink & Blush
Southern BellePiratesBelle's Ball
Cinderella PrincessAnimal PrintLas Vegas
HeartsRenaissanceAll White Party
Black & WhiteMagical Harry PotterNeon Quince
Alice in WonderlandNauticalRetro
Dancing with the StarsCancunKentucky Derby
Polka DotsLondonPeacock
All Purple QuinceRoyaltyEnchanted ForestEnchanted Forest Quinceanera Theme
Wild SafariAll Gold QuinceFashion Show


There are so many quinceanera themes to choose from…Here are some tips for finding your perfect quince theme: 

* What do you love? Is there something you have been known to love for your entire life? The color pink, beaches, carnivals, Disney, or maybe butterflies? You definitely want to consider incorporating things you love into your quince theme.

* Check out our quinceanera themes lists. Are there any themes that jump out at you? And make you get super excited to plan your party? You may have found a winner!

* Consider your venue. Do you already have your venue, but no theme yet? Consider which quince themes fit well into your location.

* Where would you LOVE to visit? Or what have you always wanted to try?  Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet? For example, have you always wanted to go to Miami? Give your party a cool South Beach vibe. Or maybe you have wanted to learn an intricate dance? Create a Flamenco theme and wow your guests with a surprise Flamenco performance.

*Think about your budget. Let’s say money is tight, and you have narrowed your possible quince themes down to 2 or 3 themes that you equally like. Go with the theme that is less expensive to achieve. Some quince themes are more DIY-friendly than others, and this can be something to consider if you are stuck between themes.

* Brainstorm with others!  Talk to friends or family about the theme ideas that you like. Sometimes it helps to brainstorm with other people. Remember that even though you are asking for advice, the decision is yours and the theme should reflect who you are as a young lady.

True story: Quince planning can get out of control crazy!  Is your quinceanera planning a little bit overwhelming sometimes? Don’t worry chica–that’s perfectly normal!  Quinceaneras are practically as complicated as a wedding. You have to make a lot of choices, coordinate with your family, organize people, and accomplish your party within a budget. Looking for a quinceanera planning guide? Click Here!

Some tips for staying sane during your quince planning:

  •  Keep a folder–or a binder– for keeping track of everything quince-related. Ideas, addresses, schedules, receipts–keep everything in one place so you aren’t constantly hunting down your important info.
  • Parents:  establish your budget up front. This includes determining who will be paying for what. Likely, you will have padrinos pitching in for various aspects of the quince. Which is GREAT!–but this can be very stressful. Try to get a solid idea of who will be contributing, how much they are able to contribute, and the timeframe for when the contribution will be made. Work to keep everyone on the same page so misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.
  • Pace yourself. Don’t try to plan your whole party in a week. Tackle one piece of the planning at a time. Bring a best friend along to some of your appointments and have fun with it.
  • Don’t let yourself get disappointed by setbacks. Is the venue that you really wanted already booked? Move along to the next best option–and realize that maybe the first choice just wasn’t meant to be.
  • Finally, realize that there is life outside of quinceanera planning. Take time to do things that have absolutely nothing to do with party planning. Your sanity will thank you :)

My Perfect Quince

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  1. Hi my name is maria and I need help finding a theme for my 15
    My fifteen is gonna be in 20015 and its gonna be in December my dress is like a aqua blue color I don’t know what theme would go with it I really need help! Please help meee

  2. For my quince I would like a black and white Victorian but I have no idea where to start regarding decor and a dress help?!

    • Hi, black and white Victorian sounds very elegant! I would check Pinterest for design inspiration, I do not have a post for a Victorian theme (yet!). I found this board, some of these pins would fit in nicely with a black and white Victorian theme: https://www.pinterest.com/meakabrown77/arlene-victorian-black-and-white/
      For your dress, it depends HOW Victorian you want to go..do you want your dress to look extremely Victorian, or more like a quince dress? Once you decide that, you will have a better idea on where to look for your dress! Sarah