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 A Parisian Quinceanera

Are you obsessed with everything Paris? Or maybe you have always wanted to visit the City of Light? Turn your quinceanera into an elegant Paris themed extravaganza and create the atmosphere of this amazing city for your party!

 Create a Paris quinceanera theme

 Venue: An elegant venue such as a ballroom would suit this theme well, but this theme could be executed anywhere with the proper touches. If you have a less fancy or an outdoor venue, go with a french countryside take on your Paris theme.

Color Scheme: For your quince colors, you can go with a bold pink, black and silver scheme. For an even more elegant look, you can go with understated colors like cream, peach, light pink and nude.

Invitations: Invite your guests to an evening in “The City of Light” with Paris themed invitations. Search for invitations that have the Eiffel Tower, damask print, the word Paris, or a French saying such as “Ooh La La”.

20 20 12 Black Lace Hand Fan


The Dress: Your dress selection is extremely important with this theme, because Parisian women are world famous for their amazing style. French style is elegant and timeless–and a very flamboyant dress would not match well with this theme. Some ideas to consider: a floral dress, a dress with lace, or a black dress–and use your accessories for a pop of color.

Dream ballroom for Paris quinceanera theme Photo credit: The Davenport Hotel

Dream ballroom for Paris themed quinceanera
Photo credit: The Davenport Hotel

Quince Court: The chambelones would look great in a dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, a nice vest and slacks. For the damas, a short lace cap sleeve dress would be stunning. Check out my examples for both looks on our Paris Quinceanera Theme Pinterest board~

Decorations: Some words associated with Paris: cafe, Eiffel Tower, baguettes, candle, fashion, fresh flowers, art, desserts, damask print, vintage, poodle, mirror, doily, lace, umbrella, wrought iron, light, suitcase, black and white stripes. You can use this list, and other Paris keywords that you brainstorm, to develop a decoration plan for your party. Consider a print tablecloth or runner to dress up your tables, in a print such as damask or actual lace. You can go simple or elaborate, large decorations or small special touches.

damask print quinceamera

Damask print for Paris quinceanera theme

Entertainment: Have jazz music playing as your guests are arriving at your party venue. Also, having someone available to serenade your guests would be a nice touch, especially if an accordian is involved. If you have a live band like a mariachi band, have them go from table to table to serenade your guests–or ask that one member travel around the room.

Food: One direction you could take this is serve food that starts with “french”: french bread, french fries, french onion soup. Add something classic such as roasted chicken, or Boeuf Bourguignon, beef in a rich red wine sauce. Serve a cucumber salad, a fresh green salad, or french green beans. If you are going with traditional quinceanera food, you could still set up a station with one “french” element, such as a french fry station or french bread and butter.

Cake Ideas: One option is to skip the traditional quince cake for a macaron tower. Macarons, meringue based cookies with various fillings (such as buttercream or ganache), are a classic french treat and a macaron tower would be a sweet addition to your Parisian theme. If you go with a cake, match it to your colors, incorporate fresh flowers, print, lace or whichever Parisian element you like.

paris themed quince

A macaron tower is an impressive substitute for cake for a Paris quince theme

Party Favors: Send your guests home with a chocolate or macaron. Another idea is to place a large metal bucket with individual fresh flowers near the door–such as roses–and invite your guests to take one on their way out.

Special Touches: Add a cheese and sparkling grape juice table. Trader Joe’s is a great source for a variety of cheeses; Costco also has a good selection, although not as large as the selection at Trader Joe’s. Set up a photo booth with an Eiffel Tower in the background, and pretty umbrellas to hold. Tip: Craft stores such as Hobby Lobby have Eiffel Tower replicas, and you can usually find a 40% off coupon online.

Your guests will be delighted to spend “A night in Paris”. What elements will you add to make your Paris themed quinceanera the best? Is there another city you are going to use for your quince theme?

My Perfect Quince



Paris quince theme shopping & inspiration~

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Paris Night Background

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53 thoughts on “Paris Quinceanera Theme

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Absolutely! Hot pink, light pink, purple-ish pink, a combination of pinks..if you have a favorite pink go for it and work it into your theme! 🙂

  1. Lisa Marie on said:

    Can it be hott pink and silver? In your opinion should i have the center pieces as eiffel towers that light up at night? does that sound nice ?

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi Lisa, I think, if you can find Eiffel tower centerpieces that light up, that would be amazing!! Also, if you can’t find any that light up, maybe use an LED light and place it under, that might work out nice, just make sure to test it out first 🙂

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi Leslie, absolutely, I think red, black and silver is an elegant combination that would work well with creating a Paris-feeling and theme 🙂

  2. Crystal on said:

    I really want a big Eiffel Tower that lights up and is not card board that is big and tall do you know we’re I can find one online and in stores ? That would be great

  3. Sarah Luna on said:

    Hi Crystal, I added the lighted Eiffel Towers that I found above! I totally do not trust the cardboard ones either. I looked at Hobby Lobby and Michaels online but their Eiffel Towers are much smaller than the ones I found. You can also check ebay!

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi Kate! Did you know that blue, white and red are the colors of the French flag? I had not thought of this color combination before for this theme but I think it is a great idea! Just incorporate these colors into your decorations 🙂 Sarah

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Absolutely! I know that I talk a lot about using pink with a Paris theme, but you can literally substitute practically any color 🙂 Good luck!!

  4. Vanessa on said:

    I need help in finding a color scheme to go with a navy blue dress. I want a Paris theme party but I don’t know what colors match with navy blue. Please help 🙂

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      I actually really like silver with navy blue. Another idea: the French flag is blue, white and red. You could use mostly navy blue with touches of red and white. One final idea is to pair up navy blue, purple and magenta–this would be super pretty, too! Let me know what you go with! Sarah

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hey! Absolutely. I really think the Paris theme can be accomplished with almost any color scheme. As long as you include some Paris-like decorations, it does not matter what colors you choose 🙂 For example, if you have an Eiffel Tower on the head table, if you can’t find it in your colors, you could paint it! You also could incorporate black or silver into your color scheme because there are a lot of Paris decorations in black or silver. Good Luck! Sarah

  5. La Reina on said:

    French fries are from Belgium, no France. But besides that, I love the ideas. My quince is in 2 yrs and I really like this Paris theme.

  6. Sasha Bari on said:

    Hey love it!!! I’m actually planning a quinceañera for my god sister, and we are doing paris theme. Her first dress is like baby pink with silver/rhinestone beading all over, and her second dress is white with silver. Everything is going well regarding decorations and centerpieces, etc. however our biggest hiccup is trying to find a cute/fun/flirty dress like cocktail or tutu style for her damas (which are between 15-18) that is super cute and doesn’t look cheap, but not too expensive, like preferably under a $100 that would pair up well with the paris theme and/or the color scheme (pink, white, silver). Do you have any suggestions on websites/clothing websites I could go to, for selections?!? Please help

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      You can definitely make a Parisian theme out of these colors! Did you want to see a post about this color scheme? Sarah

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Absolutely! The Paris theme, I really love, because you can make it awesome with a variety of colors! Especially if you compliment your aqua with some silver. Sarah

  7. Stephaniie on said:

    So I love the Paris theme for my quince but the color of my dress is Tiffany blue & I would love to make it Paris theme but it’s soooo hard to find Tiffany blue things I can use for my Quince. As well as my centerpiece, the cake , the girls & guys outfits, invitations,& candy station Help!

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      I know what you’re saying. Tiffany blue would be really pretty with a Paris theme. Finding items for it is another story. I will do a post for a Tiffany blue theme with links to Tiffany blue products and I’ll share it on Facebook when it’s ready 🙂 Also, don’t be afraid to break out the spray paint or craft paint! Sarah

  8. Ashley on said:

    My sister is obsessed with the Paris theme but her dress is a royal blue how can I make that work? Like color scheme wise is it possible to do royal blue with paris?

  9. Genesis on said:

    Do you think that a sweetheart neckline and elegant encrusted Beadwork on the bust of the dress would look nice the style is for the dack is corest lace up,straight across and the material is organza,Taffeta and the length is 59″ Hollow to Hem would look nice for the theme paris

  10. Mayra on said:

    Hello! I love your website and have been using it for a source in my Quince planning. I would love to have a Paris theme. My dress if going to be a nice bright blue, almost a mint green, but I cannot decide what would look good with that color and have my damas and chambalenes incorporated with the Paris theme, please help! 🙂

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Thank you for your kind words! I have to say, I really like silver to go with a Paris theme AND with the blue/mint green color. White also looks reallly pretty with blue/mint. Or you could use all 3 colors. Paris themes look great with silver because silver adds sparkle to the party! Sarah

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