New Orleans Mardi Gras / Masquerade Quinceanera Theme

Masquerade Quinceanera

Have you always wanted to go to Mardi Gras? A fun theme to consider for your party is the masquerade quinceanera theme. Bring your guests to the French Quarter by incorporating several Mardi Gras touches into your party. 

Design a New Orleans-style Masquerade Quince Theme

Color Scheme: Purple, green and gold are the traditional Mardi Gras colors. I have also seen purple and black used, as well as purple, pink and black. It is up to you if you want to go traditional Mardi Gras colors, or come up with a masquerade color scheme of your own.

Venue: This theme is best indoors, where you can dim the lighting and dance the night away.

Memorable Masquerade Hot Pink Black Mask Masquerade Party Custom Announcements Majestic Masquerade Black


Invitations: There are many invitations available for this theme in all price ranges. You definitely want to use the invitation to introduce your guests to your masquerade theme. Invite your guests to dress in a colorful, flamboyant manner to your masquerade ball. Encourage them to bring an outrageously decorated mask!

Masquerade Quinceanera Theme Masks

Everyone needs a mask at a masquerade themed quince!

The Dress: A purple dress with black accents would go nicely with this theme. There are also dresses available in other combinations of Mardi Gras colors. I have seen dresses in purple/gold, and green/black. You could also wear a single colored dress that matches your theme. Of course, you clearly will need a super cute and glamorous mask to go with your dress!

Quince Court: Outfit your damas in the different colors of your theme. You could also find a dress that has all of your colors in it for your damas. Match your chambelanes to your damas and you will be good to go. Suspenders would be a nice touch for the chambelanes. When you and your court make your entrance into your party, make sure everyone is wearing a mask!

Jazz Trio Silhouettes Pkg/3

Jazz Trio Silhouettes

Decorations: When you think of Mardi Gras, you may think of colorful beads, masks, feathers, peacock decorations, party atmosphere, royal crowns, beignets, candles, and an overall feeling of decadence. Incorporate strands of lights, velvet table runners, feathers and masks into your table centerpieces.

Depending on your budget, there are tons of backgrounds available to create a true French Quarter feeling. You could also definitely DIY your wall decorations. Create mask cutouts from paper board and decorate with sequins, paint, glitter, feathers, etc. Attach them together to create a long strand of masks to hang. Or, make them large and hang on the wall.

Rendezvous On Bourbon Street Buildings Set/3

French Quarter background

Entertainment: A jazz band would be an appropriate addition to a Mardi Gras/Masquerade quince theme. If you have a DJ, ask that he/she plays jazz music as your guests are arriving to set the tone.

The Food: Creole food all the way with this theme! A New Orleans style buffet with gumbo, jambalaya,  poboy sandwiches, and red beans and rice.  Buffet style food would work well as everyone can get a little taste of everything.

The Cake: Your cake should have the same decadent theme as your party. Top your cake with a mask, feathers, a crown, beads–or one of each! An all gold cake would be striking!

Party Favors: Pralines are a delicious treat you can find all throughout the French Quarter. Send your guests home with a small bag of pecan praline morsels to enjoy. Paula Deen has an amazing recipe here for these super easy treats.

Special Touches: Beignets, a fried dough type pastry, are super popular  in New Orleans. Set up a buffet station with beignets. Or, if you have waiters, you could have them make a big entrance into the room carrying trays of beignets and passing them out. Face painting would be a super fun element to incorporate into your party. Or, set up a mask decorating station for the kiddos.

beignets for a masquerade quinceanera

Beignets will bring your guests straight to the French Quarter!

For more ideas for a Mardi Gras / Masquerade quinceanera theme, check out our Pinterest board here. What colors are you using for your masquerade themed quince?


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10 thoughts on “New Orleans Mardi Gras / Masquerade Quinceanera Theme

  1. ,Rosie Dominguez on said:

    Need green,gold&purple masked. How much for about 150 or so Please let me know. Thank you for the help in this matter.

  2. Ashley G on said:

    Ok well im turning 14 in like a month and a half…. and my mom said we kinda have to start planning for stuff,,,, and I am really nervous because I feel like its all happening to fast! And I am thinking on having a masquerade theme for my quince. Ahhh so nervous I feel like its not gonna work out..

    • Sarah Luna on said:

      Hi! It is very normal to feel a little (or a lot) nervous because your quinceanera is a big event, and it is all about you. Here’s the good news: your mom is on the ball with the planning! The earlier you start planning, the better. You will have the time to prioritize what is important for your day and make decisions that are not rushed. Try to not let it stress you out too much, I found this article to help you get started: Not everything on that list has to be done that far in advance, but it is a good idea to create a timeline for yourself 🙂 Sarah

  3. Angelica Perez on said:

    Well I’m 14 & I need To start getting stuff but I decided to use the color Mint green and like a lavender .. Do you guys think It would look nice?
    I’m Need support!

  4. Stephanie on said:

    Hi I’m Stephanie.
    & my 15 is on April 25th next year!
    & me & my mom are planning everything the thing is when I told her I wanted a masquerade theme my 2 older sisters didn’t like it at all & one of my sisters are in my court. & I just want to show them that a masquerade theme will be great! Cause I’m really into that kinda stuff. Can you please tell me really nice ideas for masquerade

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